Efficient Holiday Packing Tips and Some Essentials to help with Space-saving

5th November 2021
Efficient Holiday Packing Tips and Some  Essentials to help with Space-saving

Research your destination:

1 Check dress code - whether you are going for a cruise ships or formal restaurants. Prepare and pack suitable dresses in your suitcase according to the dress code.

2 Weather  - pack a warmer layer just in case evening it may get chilly.

3 Baggage allowance - avoid costly excess baggage charges by double checking your limit before you fly. 

Pack according to actives - Holidays are designed to be relaxing and spontaneous affairs, but a little bit of forward-thinking can help with your packing.

1. Sports - hours on the tennis court or in the gym might not be top of your holiday list, but don't miss out if you fancy some exercise one afternoon by packing light sportswear.

2. Footwear - those pretty sparkly sandals might be great for the evening, but ensure you pack a comfortable pair for sightseeing etc in the day. Lighter flipflops are perfect for around the pool and won't weigh your suitcase down.


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Make the most of your suitcase. 

1. Rolling your clothes instead of folding is a super space-saving technique. Great for elasticated items and those made from materials such as viscose and polyester.

2. Place more delicate clothing at the top of the suitcase - unpacking can often take a backseat when you arrive at your holiday destination! By packing your delicate dresswear such as silk items at the top, you can whisk them out for hanging as soon as you arrive. It also means they won't get as crumpled during the journey.

3. Give your shoes some love! Keep them separate from your clothing to ensure dirt isn't transferred by placing them in carrier bags. Make the most of the space within the shoe by stuffing them with smaller items or toiletries.

4. Pack extra carrier bags - if you're planning on picking up some holiday gifts (including the local tipple!), avoid spillages over your clothing by wrapping items up firmly and securely in carrier bags. Placing these in a further layer such as a towel provides added protection.

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Some other suitcase packing essentials to help with space-saving: 


Electronic travel organiser - from iPad chargers to universal travel plugs keep all your electricals secure in one place with the electronic travel organiser. 



Microfibre quick dry towel - don't get weighted down by heavy towels when you travel change to this compact and lightweight fast-drying option.


Travel luggage organisers - They are perfect to arranging your holiday essentials within your suitcase. Lightweight and comes in various sizes. 
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